a ready-to-use, xeno-free tunable hydrogel for 3D cell culture and beyond

Want to bridge in vitro and in vivo studies?

But tired of inconsistency, undesired growth factors, cold solution temperature, complicated preparing steps, lack of natural ECM mimic of current 3D cell culture systems?


3D Cell Culture in 20 min

xeno-free, tunable hydrogel system which closely mimics the natural extracellular matrix (ECM) environment with a simple procedure step at room temperature

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Create multiple applications with the flexibilities of VitroGel 3D

3D cell culture
Bridge the in vitro and in vivo studies by creating natural cellular environment
3D cell culture
Control the stiffness of substance cell attached, study cell invasion, migration and more
3D cell culture
Injectable hydrogel property for in vivo studies, cell harvesting after 3D cell culture and other applications
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Recent Application Notes

Long-Term Neuron Culture Maturation in 3D Hydrogel Constructs

A comparison study of VitroGel™ and Matrigel® for long-term neuron maturation and survival in vitro

3D Cell Culture of Human Colon Cancer Cells (HCT116) on VitroGel System

Evaluate HCT116 cells in the VitroGel system for 2D coating, 3D culture, and drug testing application

3D Cell Culture of Human Pancreatic Cancer Cells (PANC-1) on VitroGel™ System

3D cell culture of PANC-1 cells at different hydrogel strengths on VitroGel system

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