Which VitroGel ORGANOID hydrogel should I choose for my organoid type?

The Discovery kit includes four different formulations of VitroGel ORGANOID hydrogels with various bio-functional ligands, mechanical strengths, and degradability to fulfill the needs of different organoid culture conditions. Because there is a wide range of cell resources for organoids from stem cells, patient-derived tissue, co-culture, and PDX, it is hard to tell which organoid hydrogel would be best for the researcher’s experiment. Therefore, the discovery kit helps perform a quick screening of 4 different formulations and determine the best version for moving on. From our findings, versions 1, 2, or 3 are suitable for gastric organoids. Versions 1 or 3 are suitable for lung organoids. Versions 2 or 3 are suitable for brain organoids, and versions 3 or 4 are suitable for cancer organoids. By saying that, we would still suggest you using the Discovery kit to make a quick screening and find the hydrogel that can fulfill your research goal best.

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