Other Applications

VitroGel is powerful and versatile system. This functional, xeno-free, and tunable hydrogel system closely mimics the natural extracellular matrix and covers a wide range of applications that can change the landscape of future bio medicine.

Here are some great examples:

Human Islets

Beta Lox 5 (BL5) cells and human islets 3D culture in VitroGel system.

A.  BL5 cells culture on the surface of regular tissue culture treated well plate (control); B.3D culture of BL5 cells in VitroGel 3D; C. Normal human islets grew in suspension culture (comparison). Under 3D culture of VitroGel 3D, BL5 cells form islet-like structures very similar to normal human islets.

Human islets were also grown by encapsulating in the VitroGel. The islets growth in VitroGel showed higher glucose-stimulated insulin secretion rates (D, 2.57 µg/ng of DNA vs 2.48 µg/ng of DNA), similar nitric oxide production (E, 0.16 uM vs 0.2 uM) and cell viability (F, 97.5%). The islet were not stressed when grown in VitroGel system and positive for both insulin (INS+) and glucagon (GLU+).


VitroGel offers a viable alternative to ovarian tissue cryopreservation

The study was conducted to evaluate the success of VitroGel® RGD for successful 3D follicle culture and highlight the great potential for VitroGel system in reproductive applications. The in vitro three-dimensional culture of murine ovarian follicles in the VitroGel demonstrates superior morphology and growth compared to other biomaterials and 2D culture.