Custom 3D Cell Culture Services

Let us be your 3D cell culture expert!  Utilizing our VitroGel xeno-free hydrogel system, we can provide custom 3D cell culture services that can save your lab time and money for the initial experiment set up so you can focus on the final evaluation of your project. We are flexible in this initial experiment and can work with your budget. The goal is to help you succeed with our hydrogel system faster.

  • 3D spheroids
  • Invasion Assay
  • Co-culturing
  • STEM cells
  • MSCs
  • Custom disease model

In addition, our scientists can work with you to custom tailor a hydrogel or bioink synthesis for your applications.

  • Customized functional hydrogel and bioink synthesis:
  1. Customize hydrogel strength
  2. Customized functional group modifications of hydrogel or bioink
  3. Premix VitroGel at a customized mixing ration
  4. Fluorescent hydrogel
  • Rheology property testing
  • 3D cell model building and compound screening
  • Training for 3D cell culture and analysis
Custom Service - Multi Select