Animal-Free Hydrogels for 3D Cell Culture

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VitroGel® is a biofunctional animal-free hydrogel for 3D cell culture.  Achieve 3D cell culture assays in less than 20 minutes with consistent results.

Xeno-Free Hydrogel

Room Temp Stable

Easy Cell Harvesting

Lot-to-Lot Consistency

High-Throughput Capable


Long-Lived Lab Grown Cells for Diabetes Treatment

Institutions:City of Hope National Medical Center, CA Team:Omori, K., Qi, M., Salgado, M., et al., and Kandeel, F. Disease Model:Diabetes & Kidney Transplantation Hydrogel:VitroGel® 3D Human islet beta cells can be grown in [...]

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Bringing a Small Intestine Model into the Laboratory

Institutions:University of Graz, Austria Team:Zeiringer, S., Wiltschko, L., Glader, C., Reiser, M., Absenger-Novak, M., Frölich, E., & Roblegg, E. Disease Model:Intestinal Absorption Hydrogel:VitroGel® Hydrogel Matrix Three hydrogels were tested as possible extracellular matrix [...]

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Bulking up Stem Cells to Get into the Healing Game

Institutions:Rutgers University Team:Teryek, M., Jadhav, P., Bento, R., and Parekkadan, B. Disease Model:Liver & Kidney Failure Hydrogel:VitroGel® MSC Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) can be grown up to scale and genetically tuned for therapeutic [...]

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Finding Living Needles in a 3D Haystack

Institutions:National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and National Institutes of Health (NIH), Maryland, USA Team:Babakhanova, G., Agrawal, A., Arora, D., Horenberg, A., Budhathoki, J.B., Dunkers, J.P., Chalfoun, J., Bajcsy, P., & Simon [...]

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An Artificial Womb for the Womb

Institutions:Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University & University of British Columbia Team:Zhao, X., Zhang, S., Gao, S., Chang, H.-M., Leung, P.C.K., and Tan, J. Disease Model:Ovarian Cancer Hydrogel:VitroGel® RGD Three-dimensional cell culture in [...]

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Taking Away a Notch in the Belt of Pancreatic Cancer

Institutions:Taipei Medical University, National Cheng Kung University, National Sun Yat-Sen University, and the National Institute of Cancer Research, Taiwan, and the Mayo Clinic. Team:Tsai, Y.-C., Cheng, K.H., Jiang, S.S., Hawse, J.R., Chuang, S.E., [...]

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Cutting Colon Cancer Out Properly

Institutions:University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, University of Milan, Italy Team:Rigillo, G., Belluti, S., Campani, V., Ragazzini, G., Ronzio, M., Miserocchi, G., Bighi, B., Cuoghi, L., Mularoni, V., Zappavigna, V., Dolfini, D., Mercatali, [...]

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Go With the PVP Flow for Invitro Model of Hydrocephalus

Catheters made from polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) turn out to be the most reliable in terms of not failing during the drainage of cerebrospinal fluid from children with hydrocephalus.

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No Relaxing in the Fight Against Liver Cancer

Institutions:Lanzhou University, China Team:Wei, J., Yao, J., Yang, C., Mao, Y., Zhu, D., Xie, Y., Liu, P., Yan, M., Ren, L., Lin, Y., Zheng, Q., & Li., X. Disease Model:Liver Cancer Hydrogel:VitroGel® 3D [...]

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Using the Xeno-free VitroGel® Cell Invasion Assay Kits to Perform both Traditional and Complex Cell Mobility Studies

Introduction Cell invasion is a dynamic process that is critical during embryonic development, immunosurveillance, and wound healing. Cell invasion is an orchestrated mechanism that occurs due to cell attachment to the extracellular matrix [...]

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Cooking Up Capillaries – Organ-On-A-Chip with HUVECs

Institutions: National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan Team: Lin, Y.-T., Tung Y.-T., Wong, J.-Y., and Wang, G.-J. Disease Model: Microvascular System Biomimetics Hydrogel: VitroGel® RGD Researchers find a facile way to create synthetic microscopic [...]

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Better in 3D than 2D – Celecoxib 3D Anti-cancer Testing

Institutions: University of Naples, Italy Team: Venuta, A., Nasso, R., Gisonna, A., Iuliano, R., Montesarchio, S., Acampora, V., Sepe, L., Avagliano, A., Arcone, R., Arcucci, A., and Ruocco, M.R. Disease Model: Melanoma Hydrogel: [...]

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Fishing for Therapies for Eye Cancer – Uveal Melanoma

Institutions: Leiden University, The Netherlands; University of Liverpool, UK; & Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Germany Team: Yin, J., Zhao, G., Kalirai, H., Coupland, S.-E., Jochemsen, A.G., Forn-Cuní, G., Wierenga, A.P.A., Jager, M.J., Snaar-Jagalska, B.E., and Groenewoud, [...]

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Clay is Good to the Bone – Osteoporosis Disease Model

Institutions: King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia; Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Medical University, Bahrain; and the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Pakistan Team: Abduljauwad, S.N., Habib, T., and ur-Rehman, H. [...]

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Shaking Up Tumors with Sound and Bubbles

Institutions: Cheng Hsin General Hospital and National Taiwan University, Taiwan Team: Chen, K.-W., Hsu, P.-H., Huang, H.-L., Liu, H.-L., Lin, Y.-T., Hsu, C.-Y., Lin, J.-H., and Lin, Y.-H. Disease Model: Gastric Cancer Hydrogel: [...]

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Development of In Vitro Intestinal Model With Macrovascular Endothelium: Compare Animal-based and Xeno-free ECM Platforms

Scarlett Zeiringer is a PhD student at the University of Graz, Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, [...]

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Comparative Study of Animal-derived ECMs and VitroGel® Hydrogel for hiPSC Maintenance and Intestinal Organoid Generation

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