OrderING Support

Please read through these FAQs for common inquiries regarding orders and shipping.

If your question still has not been answered, please send us an email at support@thewellbio.com and we will get back to you shortly. 


Please fill out this Quote Request Form, one of our sales representatives will contact you with a quote.

You may also send your full name, shipping address, email, contact number, institution/company, and product(s) of interest to order@thewellbio.com so we can generate a quote for you. 

You can place an order on our website with a credit card or you can submit an order request to order@thewellbio.com. Please let us know if you need a quote. 

You can also order by Purchase Order by sending PO orders to order@thewellbio.com. If you have a quote number, please add the quote number to the PO order. 

Currently, only customers in Canada and in the US can order on our website. If you are outside the United States, you may contact us at order@thewellbio.com to order directly or find one of our international distributors on this page:


If there is an online coupon code in your quote, you can use the code during check-out online.  

If there is no online coupon code in your quote and you would like to order online with your credit card, please contact us for a discount code associated with your quote. (For Canadian and US customers only). 

Email: order@thewellbio.com 

Phone: 973-855-4955 Option 1 

If you are ordering from outside the state of New Jersey (NJ), you should not be charged tax. The system will default to NJ, but when you check out and put in your correct address and state, the sales tax will disappear. 

Please let us know if there is still an issue at support@thewellbio.com. You can also send your order request or any further ordering questions to order@thewellbio.com. 

You can find a list of our international distributors by location on this page: https://www.thewellbio.com/company/distributors/ 

If you would like to work with us, please email support@thewellbio.com.

To request a copy of your invoice, please email us. Please include your order number or PO (Purchase Order) number in your email. 

Email: order@thewellbio.com 


We will try to process orders the same day as they are received by 3:00 PM EST. For US and Canadian customers, the shipping transit time will be 1-2 days based on your location.  

The majority of our products are shipped at ambient conditions. Once you receive the product, please keep the products in the stated storage condition according to the product label.  

The following items will be shipped with dry ice:  

  • VitroGel Angiogenesis Assay kits (ready-to-use  or high concentration) 
  • Hydrogel supplements such as AAK supplements.  

Our standard for international orders is to ship FedEx Priority International shipping.  Depending on your country the shipping lead time varies with possible additional time with customs.

If you would like to use your shipping account for an order, please contact us before placing your order. 

Email: order@thewellbio.com 

Phone: 973-855-4955 ext 1