Learn How to Use the VitroGel Systems

3D Cell Culture with VitroGel Hydrogel System

VitroGel simplifies the hydrogel 3D cell culture procedure from hours to minutes. The whole 3D cell culture process can be done in 20 minutes which includes a 10-15 minutes waiting time for hydrogel stabilization. The room temperature stable solution makes 3D cell culture easy to operate.Watch the video to see how much time you can save by using the VitroGel system.

2D Cell Culture with VitroGel Hydrogel System

VitroGel can be used to coat the substance that cells grow on. The different stiffness and texture of the substance might lead to different cell behaviors. Also, as time passes, cells might move into the hydrogel matrix for invasion/migration study. Just like 3D cell culture, the operation of 2D coating can be done by a simple mixing step in 20 minutes which includes a 10-15 minute waiting time for hydrogel stabilization.

There are two methods to do the 2D coating:
Method 1:  Standard Method
Method 2.  Method to prepare a thin or thick gel coating for later use.An overnight incubation is required.

Cell Recovery from 3D or 2D culture in VitroGel Hydrogel System

After 3D or 2D cell culture, cells can also be easily recovered from the hydrogel by using our VitroGel Cell Recovery Solution and a quick centrifuge. With this capability, downstream analysis can be done with cells cultured with the VitroGel system. This video shows how easily cells are recovered from the VitroGel hydrogel system.

There are two methods to recover cells from the hydrogel:
Method 1:  Uses a spatula to remove the hydrogel.
Method 2:  Uses a cut pipette tip to break and remove the hydrogel.

Injectable Hydrogel: VitroGel System

By mixing VitroGel and cell culture media in a proper ratio, the hydrogel becomes injectable for multiple applications. The hydrogel properties and preparing protocols can be manipulated for different physical/chemical characteristic and gel formation times. The concentration of hydrogel solution can also be adjusted for different hydrogel strengths. Multiple applications can be performed with these flexibility..