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Watch demonstration videos of VitroGel 3D system

TheWell Bioscience launched a new web page of demonstration videos of VitroGel 3D system. ( The videos include the operation protocols of 3D cell culture, 2D coating, cell harvesting from hydrogel and hydrogel injection. This is visual guidance to show how easily the advanced cell culture can be done in VitroGel 3D system. For more […]

TheWell Bioscience releases more case studies of VitroGel 3D system

Discover the success stories of VitroGel 3D TheWell Bioscience released a new web page of “Case Studies” to publish the success data of VitroGel 3D. From 3D cell culture to 2D coating, VitroGel 3D has been successfully used on different projects with many cell lines. Scientists are impressed by VitroGel 3D’s ease of use and […]