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Sartorius and TheWell Bioscience partner to enable more accurate predictions in drug discovery

Göttingen, Germany | April 9, 2024 Collaboration to advance TheWell Bioscience animal-free hydrogel solutions for 3D cell models Solutions address shift from animal-based to more human-relevant organoid models, resulting in more accurate predictions in drug discovery Synergies with Sartorius bioanalytical lab instruments for cell imaging The life science group Sartorius and U.S.-based startup TheWell Bioscience […]

Breaking the Barrier: TheWell Bioscience Launches VitroGel-Based Cell Invasion Assay Kits to Help Researchers Explore More Types of Migration and Invasion Studies Faster and Easier

NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J., Dec. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TheWell Bioscience, a pioneer of 3D biomimicking platforms for precision medicine, cell therapy, and biomanufacturing, announces the launch of VitroGel®-Based Cell Invasion Assay Kits. Using the xeno-free VitroGel® hydrogels, these new kits revolutionize how researchers study cell migration and invasion, offering unprecedented accuracy, efficiency, and reliability for cell migration assays. […]

TheWell Bioscience Announces Launch of VitroGel® Organoid Recovery Solution for Fast and Safe Harvesting of Organoids/Cells with High Yields

TheWell Bioscience has launched a newly engineered version of its cell recovery solution for researchers to speed the organoid/cell harvesting from both animal-based extracellular matrix (ECM) and synthetic hydrogels. NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J., Feb. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TheWell Bioscience, a pioneer of 3D cell culture platforms for precision medicine, cell therapy, and biomanufacturing, releases a newly engineered […]

TheWell Bioscience Launches A New Generation of Bioinks for 3D Bioprinting

North Brunswick, NJ., January 16, 2020 – TheWell Bioscience Inc, a biotech company focusing on 3D cell culture, launches VitroINK™, a new series of xeno-free tunable bioink system that requires no UV, no temperature/pH curing or chemical crosslinking. The new bioinks are ready-to-use at room temperature, have excellent visibility after printing, and can incorporate multiple […]