NEW VitroGel® RGD-PLUS: 3X Stronger for 3D Cell Culture


a ready-to-use tunable hydrogel system modified with a high concentration of RGD cell adhesive peptide, promoting the cell attachment and cell-matrix interactions during the 3D cell culture. This hydrogel system has 3X RGD peptide compared to regular VitroGel 3D-RGD, which maintain a high level of integrin binding activities even after hydrogel dilution, support strong cell-cell communication, and is good for adhesion cells or cells requiring stronger cell-matrix interactions

  • Ready-to-use at room temperature
  • Tunable hydrogel strength
  • Neutral pH
  • Transparent
  • Easy cell recovery from hydrogel
  • Injectable hydrogel 
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VitroGel™ Dilution Solution

The standard support media (Type 1 & Type 2) to mix with the VitroGel system in order to adjust the hydrogel concentration for different hydrogel strength

  • Ready-to-use to adjust VitroGel concentration
  • Neutral pH
  • Room temperature stable
  • Transparent
  • TYPE 1: Contains sucrose for the best osmolarity
  • TYPE 2: Sucrose free formulation
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