NEW PRODUCT: VitroPrime™ Spread-Attach Plates

New Product Launch

TheWell Bioscience proudly launches VitroPrime™ Spread-Attach Plates, an innovative addition to our 3D cell culture technology lineup to ensure exceptional performance and consistency and enable high-throughput applications.

The VitroPrime™ Spread-Attach Plates offer unparalleled advantages for hydrogel-based 3D and 2D cell culture applications, including:

  • Superior hydrogel spreading and adherence to prevent hydrogel floating
  • Homogenous gel spreading to eliminate edge effects
  • More even hydrogel surface to ensure even cell attachment
  • Enhanced rapid cell growth and improved cell yields

VitroPrime™ Spread-Attach Plate, 96-well

Unlock the full lab automation potential of 3D cell culture system

When used with the VitroGel® hydrogel system, achieve more reproducible, consistent data by better hydrogel spreading, adherence, and uniform surface even for challenging cell types.