Using Animal-Free VitroGel Hydrogel in Comparison to Animal-based Extracellular Matrix for Xenograft (PDX & CDX) Models



John Huang, PhD

(TheWell Bioscience)

Minqi Huang, Ph.D. 

Scientist II, In Vivo Pharmacology
(HD Biosciences, a Wuxi AppTec company)


Webinar Abstract:

Patient-derived xenografts (PDX) and cell-derived xenografts (CDX) are important tools for studying tumor behavior and drug responsiveness for pre-clinical oncology studies. PDX and CDX models can accelerate the development of new cancer treatments and improve our understanding of tumor biology and efficacy for diverse patients to individualized patients’ specific cancer.
Animal-based extracellular matrix (ECM) has long been used for in vivo xenograft delivery. They are derived from extracts of Engelbreth-Hold-Swarm mouse tumors. While they have been the de facto choice, they present a range of known issues, such as unknown compounds, negative immunological reactions, and batch-to-batch consistency. In addition, these biological materials’ temperature sensitivity creates operational challenges such as labile cell preparation, needle clogging, or other viscosity issues. In combination, they lead to inconsistent data modeling.
The animal-free VitroGel® hydrogel system is a superior alternative to the animal-based ECM to solve these problems above. The synthetic bio-functional nature of the hydrogel matrix and the unique injectable property at room temperature allow VitroGel hydrogels to give well-defined- and full control of the- microenvironment for more consistent results.
In this joint webinar between TheWell Bioscience and a global preclinical CRO, HD Bioscience (a Wuxi AppTec company), we will discuss VitroGel for xenograft applications and HD Biosciences’ CDX comparison data.

Discussion Topics:

  • VitroGel® injection properties advantages: Easy-to-use room temperature operation, defined composition with no unknown proteins for lot-to-lot consistency, long injectable status, high cell retention, and other benefits for more reproducible modeling.
  • PDX and CDX capabilities and CDX data comparison of VitroGel to the gold standard of animal-based ECM.


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