3D cell culture in 20 minutes!  At this AACR 2019, visit us at booth 4514 to inquire on how to perform 3D cell culture with our ready-to-use, xeno-free, tunable VitroGel hydrogel system.

We will be launching a few new products:

  • VitroGel RGD-PLUS is a ready-to-use tunable hydrogel system modified with a high concentration of RGD cell adhesive peptide, promoting the cell attachment and cell-matrix interactions during the 3D cell culture. This hydrogel system has 3X RGD peptide compared to regular VitroGel 3D-RGD, which maintain a high level of integrin binding activities even after hydrogel dilution.
  • VitroGel Cell Recovery Solution that enables scientists to recovery cell in 15 minutes!
  • VitroGel Dilution Solution TYPE 1  (contains sucrose).  Dilute with our hydrogel to get best gel formation and cell viability.
  • VitroGel Dilution Solution TYPE 2 (sucrose-free).  Dilute with our hydrogel for cells sensitive to sucrose.