VitroGel® Dilution Solution TYPE 1 (100 mL)

    For hydrogel concentration adjustment. Contains sucrose for best osmolarity.
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    VitroGel® Dilution Solution is a ready-to-use solution use to mix with the VitroGel system to adjust the hydrogel concentration for different hydrogel strength.

    The Solution is room temperature stable and neutral pH, which maintain a good physiological condition for hydrogel formation. The VitroGel Dilution Solution can accelerate the hydrogel formation in combine with cell medium. The Dilution Solution can be used to prepare VitroGel thin gel coating plate or injectable hydrogel.

    The VitroGel Dilution Solution is offered in two types:

    TYPE 1: Contains sucrose to maintain the best osmolarity.
    TYPE 2: Sucrose free formulation for cells sensitive to the sugar level in the medium


    • Ready-to-use to adjust VitroGel concentration
    • Neutral pH
    • Room temperature stable
    • Transparent
    • Compatible with VitroGel system for 2D & 3D cell culture and hydrogel injection
    • Ships and store at room temperature
    • Size: 100 mL.  Good for 3-4 vials of 10 mL VitroGel system at 1:3 dilution ratio

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    Data and References

    Figure 1. Hydrogel formation by using DI water or VitroGel Dilution Solution.

    The hydrogels were prepared at 1:1 dilution then 4:1 mixing with DMEM medium. VitroGel Dilution Solution helps accelerate the hydrogel formation faster than DI water.

    Figure 2. The elastic modulus of stable hydrogel at different dilution ratio with DI water and VitroGel Dilution Solution.

    Figure 3. Cells maintain high viability in VitroGel system at 1:3 dilution with VitroGel Dilution Solution.

    100 mL