Scale-Up 3D Model Drug Screening Using a Robotic Platform with Xeno-Free Hydrogel


Webinar Summary:

Scale-Up 3D model Drug Screening Using a Robotic Platform with Xeno-Free Hydrogel

Automating drug screening on the 3D cell models can significantly reduce the time and effort involved and increase assay precision and throughput. Here, we describe methods for the generation and toxicology screening of hydrogel-based 3D models using an integrated system – a multi-tool robotic platform and a high-content imager. Establishing the 3D cellular models within an accurately represented microenvironment is crucial for accurate drug screening and disease modeling. However, the complex working process of those models limits their wider adoption for high throughput screening. To address this challenge, an easy-to-use xeno-free functional hydrogel system has been selected to integrate with a robotic platform and a high-content imager to develop an automated 3D cell culture and screening workflow for the characterization of phenotypic effects of compounds.
Join experts as they discuss solutions to the challenges of 3D model screening and share methods to scale up assay precision and throughput—giving you back more productive time in the lab.

Key takeaways include:
  • Learn how to design 3D model workflows using hydrogel/ink and an integrated robotic imaging system.
  • Learn how automation can increase the efficiency and productivity of tedious 3D drug screening workflows.
  • Learn how to design simple, customized 3D model screening workflows with suitable matrices. 

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