Can VitroGel be used for both 3D culture and 2D hydrogel coating?

Yes, VitroGel can support 3D cell culture, 2D thick gel coating and 2D thin gel coating culture. Embedding cells in the hydrogel matrix (3D cell culture) can maximize the cell-matrix interaction and potential cell-cell communication in response to different biophysical and biological properties of the hydrogel. Some cells are hard to culture in 3D, and as a result, 2D coating is an alternative method for cell culture.

2D thick gel coating uses a layer of hydrogel to change the properties of the substance. It is a method between the traditional 2D culture and the actual 3D cell culture. 2D thick gel coating is an alternative approach if scientists do not want to jump into 3D cell culture but want to see how cells behave differently based on different substances. It is also a suitable method for layer-by-layer co-culture as well.

2D thin gel coating is used as a thin layer of hydrogel to change the surface properties of the substance, which may change the capability for cell attachment but not the stiffness of the substance.