Which VitroGel hydrogel product should I choose?

Ready-To-Use Hydrogels #

For many users, the “Ready-To-Use” hydrogels are the preferred hydrogels for many applications. You need only to add your cells, cover the medium, and incubate. The hydrogel versions have been formulated and optimized for different cell types and applications.

  • VitroGel® Hydrogel Matrix (SKU: VHM01): a general-purpose hydrogel that is good for many cell lines and primary cells. This hydrogel can support the formation of tumor spheroid, the cellular network structure of stromal or fibroblast cells, co-culture, invasion, or 3D cell migration.
  • VitroGel® ORGANOID (SKU: VHM04): supports a wide range of organoids from patient-derived samples, stem cells, tissues, co-culture, and PDX resources.
  • VitroGel® STEM (SKU: VHM02): generates high-quality 3D stem cells directly from liquid nitrogen. Excellent for stem cell expansion, 3D scale-up or downstream applications.
  • VitroGel® MSC (SKU: VHM03): support 2D hydrogel coating, 3D cultures of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), and make hydrogel cell beads to replace microcarrier for MSC scale-up.
  • VitroGel® HEK293 (SKU: VHM05): support 3D culture and scale-up of human embryonic kidney 293 (HEK293) cells for cell-based bioproduction.
  • VitroGel® Angiogenesis Assay Kit (VHM06-K1): a revolutionary tool for researchers to study the effect of both hydrogel properties and culture medium on the angiogenesis process.

High Concentration (Tunable) Hydrogels – “Building Blocks for Tissue Engineers”

For more advanced users, the high-concentration hydrogels give scientists full control to manipulate the biophysical and biological properties of the cell culture environment.   All the high-concentration hydrogels come with VitroGel Dilution Solutions to adjust the final hydrogel strength from 10 to 4,000 Pa. Customized hydrogels can reach more than 20,000 Pa. We have many types of hydrogel with different binding ligands, making our system a “Mix and Match” where you can control what is in the hydrogel for your 3D cell culture.

Create your own ECM.  Create over 100 possible combinations using the high-concentration hydrogels.

You can investigate different combinations of VitroGel® products to find the right conditions for their experiments. For example, VitroGel RGD can be combined with other functional adhesive ligand hydrogels, such as VitroGel® COL, VitroGel® IKVAV, or VitroGel® YIGSR to form a heterogeneous and realistic microenvironment. The VitroGel® MMP, an enzyme-sensitive hydrogel, can be used to study the degradation of the local ECM by metastatic cells for invasion and dissemination into new tissue. This feature permits the examination of cellular responses in a more physiologically relevant context while still giving experimenters full control.

  • VitroGel® 3D High Concentration Kit (SKU: TWG001) is a pure and unmodified hydrogel that allows maximum flexibility to manipulate the 3D cell culture environment for different needs. The unmodified hydrogel matrix structure is good for cell spheroid formation, suspension cells, or cells requiring low cell-matrix interactions.
  • VitroGel® RGD High Concentration Kit (SKU: TWG003) is modified with a high concentration of RGD cell adhesive peptides, promoting cell attachment and cell-matrix interactions during the 3D cell culture. It can achieve high levels of integrin-binding activities to promote intercellular networks even after hydrogel dilution.
  • VitroGel® COL High Concentration Kit (SKU: TWG009) is modified with collagen-mimetic peptide, which specifically binds the integrin α2β1, promoting many bioactivities such as osteoblastic differentiation in vitro and enhancing osteoblastic activity in vivo.
  • VitroGel® IKVAV High Concentration Kit (SKU: TWG007) is modified with laminin-derived functional peptide, which is actively involved in different biological activities such as neuronal progenitor cell differentiation, promoting cell adhesion, neurite outgrowth, angiogenesis, and tumor growth.
  • VitroGel® YIGSR High Concentration Kit (SKU: TWG008) is modified with laminin-derived functional peptide, which involves endothelial cell adhesion, cell proliferation, and motility/migration.
  • VitroGel® MMP High Concentration Kit (SKU: TWG010) is modified with Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMP) for a biodegradability matrix.

We can customize our hydrogels with different functional ligands. Please contact support@thewellbio.com if you need a customized product.

If you need help finding the right hydrogel product for your research project, please fill out this product help form: https://www.thewellbio.com/vitrogel-product-help/