What is VitroGel®

VitroGel® is a xeno-free functional hydrogel system that closely mimics the natural extracellular matrix (ECM) environment. Modified with multiple cellular functional ligands, VitroGel allows for a robust 3D cell culture platform and can be used as an injectable delivery system for drug discovery, tissue engineering, cell therapy, and personalized medicine.

VitroGel comes in two different variations: ready-to-use and high concentration.

The ready-to-use VitroGel is a series of user-friendly functional hydrogels offering an excellent balance of simplicity and versatility. The hydrogels have optimized formulations of multi-functional ligands and concentration. The hydrogel solution is stable at room temperature and can be mixed with cells/culture medium directly to use.

VitroGel High Concentration hydrogels give scientists complete control to adjust both mechanical strength and functional ligands of the cell culture environment. The high-concentration formulation allows maximum flexibility to manipulate the mechanical strength of hydrogel by adjusting the dilution ratios of the hydrogel solution. VitroGel High Concentration Hydrogels can also be used as a set of building blocks to create a functional micro-environment by blending (“mix and match”) different versions.