Which VitroGel ORGANOID hydrogel should I choose for my organoid type?

Because there is a wide range of organoid cell resources from stem cells, patient-derived tissue, co-culture, and PDX, it is hard to tell which organoid hydrogel would perform the best for the researcher’s experiment. Therefore, the VitroGel ORGANOID Discovery Kit helps researchers screen the four different formulations to determine the best organoid hydrogel version for your organoid conditions.

The VitroGel® ORGANOID Discovery Kit includes the four different formulation types of VitroGel ORGANOID hydrogels:
VitroGel® ORGANOID 1, VitroGel® ORGANOID 2, VitroGel® ORGANOID 3, and VItroGel® ORGANOID 4

Each of the four types has various bio-functional ligands, mechanical strengths, and degradability to fulfill the needs of different organoid culture conditions. From our findings, versions 1, 2, or 3 are suitable for gastric organoids. Versions 1 or 3 are suitable for lung organoids. Versions 2 or 3 are suitable for brain organoids, and versions 3 or 4 are suitable for cancer organoids. By saying that, we still suggest using the Discovery Kit to make a quick screening to find the optimal hydrogel for your organoid conditions.