Does VitroGel have viscoelastic properties?

Yes, all VitroGel hydrogels are tested with a dynamic rheometer for viscoelastic properties.

For High Concentration VitroGel hydrogels, the elastic modulus (G’) can be adjusted from 10 to 4,000 Pa by changing the hydrogel concentration with the VitroGel Dilution Solution. Simply convert the elastic modulus mentioned on our website to stiffness by following the table below (1 Pa of G’ is about 3 Pa of stiffness).

Dilution ratio Elastic modulus ( G’) Stiffness
1:0 4000 Pa 12000 Pa
1:1 2000-2700 Pa 6000-8000 Pa
1:2 300-600 Pa 1000-2000 Pa
1:3 to 1:5 50-200 Pa 150-600 Pa